Security Policy

We secure our website and other systems that provide support to our site in terms of infrastructure by taking necessary technical precautions against loss, destruction, access, modification or distribution of your data by unauthorized third parties. This allows you to feel safe while browsing our website. Protection of your privacy is a very important issue for us. The personal or necessary different data you have provided to us will only be used to process your orders and to carry out the operation process in a healthy way. Other than that, it will never be allowed to be used for commercial or other purposes.

When you shop on our platform, you agree to our Privacy Policy as well as our Terms and Conditions. The details you share with us will be used to ensure and increase customer satisfaction in matters such as confirming and tracking your order, comparing information for inconsistencies and preventing fraudulent activities.

SSL Certificate

We ensure that your data is treated confidentially and encrypted with SSL (Secure-Socket Layer) secure server software. The details of your order (your name-surname, address, credit card and bank information) are completely encrypted and cannot be read by any third party institution or person. To understand this, the internet address you are accessing is indicated by a small “lock” icon at the top of the address bar. As you can see while on this page, website uses SSL certificate and security and encryption technology.

Data security

We undertake that the security of your card numbers, transactions and other personal data forms will be transmitted securely between our customers and our platform. Thanks to SSL security technology, which serves to transfer information between a processor and a server, the information is never leaked to any third party.

PCI Compliance

Deluxerie securely hosts all the data it obtains with its PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliant hosting provider. As an experienced company that constantly develops and keeps its technology up-to-date, we are aware of how important it is for the customer to feel safe while shopping online. We are also aware of the need for secure handling of their data, and in particular credit card information. PCI compliance serves to optimize the security of any credit or debit card during transaction. This is a globally widely accepted set of policies developed to protect the customer’s personal information and to guarantee safety while browsing and paying. It also prevents misuse of personal details and payment details.